Father’s Day Lessons: Music, Laughter & Love

I’m a lucky guy to have a dad as great as mine.

He still teaches me so much…but instead of getting super sappy, in honor of Father’s Day, here are three of my favorite lessons from my dad.

1. The love of laughing until you are on the edge of passing out.

Remember the scene in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” when the weasels laughed so hard that they actually died?

For years, I thought that would happen to my dad, who laughs and laughs and laughs!

Completely losing yourself in something so funny to the point where you consider searching for extra oxygen means you thoroughly loved it.

One of my favorite things of all-time is to make my two-year old laugh – via tickles, funny faces or even crazy new words – until she has exhausted her laugh supply. :)

Even Ryk, barely two months, is starting to smile and chuckle a bit!

2. The sheer joy of music.

Dad and Mom telling Ryk his first funny joke!

Dad and Mom telling Ryk his first funny joke!

Growing up, I was surrounded by music. I honestly can’t remember a moment where there wasn’t music playing in the background in our house – be it a concert on TV, the radio, or CDs.

We used to spend hours exploring music stores for new (to us) music. Walking out of a store with a handful of new albums was such a great feeling. iTunes is awesome, but nothing can replace shuffling through a pile of new CDs.

When I was a radio DJ in college, one of my favorite days was when my dad (and mom, too) hung out with me in the studio and we could experience that level of music together.

Even to this day, when I ride in my dad’s car, he excitedly plays for me his latest new find!

I’ve actively continued this tradition in my home, where my kids have good music around them at all times. We listen to all sorts of concerts and enjoy family dance parties. [Pro Tip: Carrying your 25 lb. kid during a dance party is a great way to sneak in a workout!]

3. Love what your kids love.

I was and still am a big sports fan. Heck, I WORKED in the sports industry for a decade.

My dad? Not that big of a sports fan before I came along.

But he started reading the sports section of the newspaper so he could talk to me about my interests.

Now, he sometimes pays more attention to my favorite teams than I do.

That’s a bad-ass Dad move.


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